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Lorna gives reassurance and to help her clients in a relaxed, informal atmosphere with tarot & mediumship


Lorna uses her gift to give reassurance and to help her clients in a relaxed, informal atmosphere with Tarot & mediumship skills.  As a Scorpio, she is caring, intuitive and genuinely enjoys helping people to solve their problems with discretion.  Being a person that has been through hardship in her life, she has a genuine understanding of human problems and feelings. She enjoys helping people come to terms with their problems and guiding them in the right direction.


Lorna has been aware of her gift for a long time and first found that she had a natural healing ability 12 years ago, which also coincided with her first spiritual event.  Lorna’s psychic ability runs in the family, as does the healing ability. Her great grandfather was a village bone setter in Ireland.

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Psychic Readings and Predictions

If you have problems with love, romance, work, career of just need some help with seeing the future way ahead then you can find the answers here. This website is here to enable people to connect with online psychic readers, psychic mediums and clairvoyants who have a wide range of skills and spiritual abilities. Our practitioners include tarot readers, psychic mediums working with spirit guides, numerologists and even seers gazing into crystal balls to read your fortune and fate. If you have a specific question that needs a clairvoyant to answer it or you simply want to learn more about this fascinating genre then there are people here that can help. Online psychic readings are of the highest quality and the confidentiality of the readers� messages to you are assured. Readers are skilled at putting callers at ease, so you can rest assured and discuss your issues with confidence. When you look through our list of online psychic readers you can identify the most suitable person from their profiles and photographs. You can read about their skills such as tarot reading, numerology, mediumship and so on. There is also in-depth information on this site to help you make your choice so, for example, if you do not know what�s the difference between a medium reading and a psychic reading we have explanations as well as videos to help you understand and get the best from your reading when you telephone us. You can have psychic readings by phone or opt for an in-depth psychic reading by email or can simply text a psychic for a quick answer to your questions. You can also find out about what is predicted for the next year or gain insight into your fate and destiny with an astrological reading. This analysis has been designed by top astrologers and your horoscope or love horoscope can give you an insight into your past present and future. Similarly there are tarot readers online who can use their knowledge of astrology to enhance your tarot reading by phone. When you call ask the operator for advice if you are unsure of what type of reading best suits your needs today. If you know the time of your birth and your birth date this can further improve the accuracy of the astrologer�s insights.

Discover the real you

Psychic mediums can give you an insight into your life and path ahead. Sometimes the information you are given is immediately recognised and accepted but there are also times when you have to get verification from elsewhere. A reading today may help with immediate issues but hidden in it may be other clues to know the future. The readers and clairvoyants do not make predictions or tell you things that would upset you. Instead they endeavour to show you the way to a better future. The things you do today are the seeds that predict the future for your life tomorrow. So it is the task of a predictive psychic to use his precognition wisely and guide you to a better and brighter future. You can use your readings and astrology forecasts for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts � simply ask the consultant to focus on a particular time in your life and let their clairvoyance do the rest. If you have opted for a live tarot reading by phone then ask that your tarot cards be drawn for a specific time in your life. You can also ask for a love tarot reading or tarot card readings about the immediate future and a specific issue that bothers you. How you formulate your question and focus your attention will influence the course of the psychic readings. So keep an open mind and heart but before you call for a real psychic reading by phone, sit down, have a think and get some of the issues clear in your mind that you want to ask about. You can then ask questions about the future or the past or about love, romance, career and so on. The best psychic readers are not just professional psychics, they have a spiritual ability to help you to discover the real you by knowing what drives you forward or holds you back. Together you will find a brighter and better path forward.

Face to face readings with the UK psychics Craig and Jane

As well as psychic readings by phone you can also book face to face readings with Craig and Jane and sometimes other top psychic mediums too. A personal consultation at home is good of course but appointments may be few and you may have to travel some distance. For the severely bereaved who need the comfort of a personal consultation this may be necessary. Many people today claim to be mediums or psychics but few have quality you would expect. If you have watched Craig and Jane�s psychic shows on television or other famous psychics you will know that mediumship can be astonishingly professional. A face to face consultation (also called a private sitting with a medium) with Craig or Jane can be life changing. Craig also offers mediumship by phone, psychic readings by phone and also psychic readings by email. So now here is your chance to have some of the worlds top mediums give you a reading. (Please note that Craig and Jane are television psychics and are unavailable for readings while on tour or making new psychic TV programmes.)

How psychic readings by phone work (UK)

People often ask us how a psychic reading by phone works. They assume that you have to sit with a psychic, medium or tarot reader for it to work. But clairvoyance and telepathy can work over any distance � as proven by psychical experiments and research in the USA and Russia. Remote viewing and clairvoyance at a distance is recognised by psychics and other practitioners as a powerful way to give psychic readings. Although you are not sat face to face with the reader when telephoning, the reader can nonetheless connect with you through the vibration of your voice. Your vibrations will give them the hook they need to gain insight into your inner self, the conditions and people that surround you and precognition into the way things are going. They will help you to see how the future may unfold. Similarly, a tarot card reading by telephone does not need you to be with the reader. Again the vibration of your voice will act as the connection and the reader will be able to use this and the cards to gain insight. Numerology readings, runes, crystal ball and I Ching are all oracles that can be used remotely. Mediumship also works with vibration. There are video examples of mediums working on this site that show that even when blindfolded they can make a connection with spirit. Aided also by the spirit guides and helpers and of course your loved ones a spirit connection can be made and give proof of the survival of the spirit after death. Medium readings by phone can be booked from the list at the top of this page of directly with Craig.

Your Psychic Family

Here at the Psychics & Mediums Network you can also learn about the psychic world, learn to give readings and gain an insight into the paranormal. We have lots of superb and original articles about such things as ghosts, haunted houses, real ghost pictures, love horoscopes, angels, astral projection, Ouija boards, the spirit world and thousands of fascinating topics. You can see videos about mediumship and tutorials about how to become a psychic or a medium. Written by Craig, who is a top author with many best-selling books, our unique content and amazing articles will keep you glued to the site for days. And if that�s not enough, why not also drop into our famous psychic chat rooms called Delphi. Here you can also enjoy free psychic readings in the rooms, watch mediums demonstrate their ESP powers and enjoy chatting to people with a similar spiritual remit to yours. Although we believe we offer the very best psychic readings in the UK we also provide educational information, guidance for the perplexed and inspiration for those looking to understand the meaning and purpose of human life. Every time you return there�s more to see or do. Would you like to know more?