Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker
- Pioneers of Psychic Television

Craig & Jane on International Television:
TV Psychics Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker

Watch some great clips from documentaries about our work filmed with the BBC and the controversial Diana Séances made for American Television and batteled it out with Richard Dawkins. I've also included some entertaining early work from when we were the resident psychics on the Big Breakfast for a year predicting 'Next Week's News Today!"

Enjoy also clips from our TV Series 'Our Psychic Family', my show in America called 'Nightmares Decoded and also samples from our own TV pilots and productions.

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Craig & Jane are the gurus of the gurus. They were the first media psychics to demonstrate mediumship on UK mainstream Television and their work has been acclaimed worldwide. Starting out as the resident psychics for The Big Breakfast they demonstrated their skills on hundreds of Television shows. They were watched by 30 million viewers when they contacted the Spirit of Princess Diana on American Television and were the subject of a three part Everyman documentary about mediumship and their psychic school.

Recently they had their own series Our Psychic Family on the Bio Channel. They have a celebrity following in Beverley Hills USA and have written 15 books with Barnes & Noble and Random House.

Now this intriguing psychic couple, together with their tattooed and outrageous ‘Goth’ daughter Danielle ,  present all things psychic and paranormal in a starting and powerful new way. This new 12 part Television series takes all that is best from mystic Television, mixes it with the wit, wisdom, humour, intelligence and together with the astonishingly accurate clairvoyance of the psychic couple they  create something that is charged with the emotions of fear, humour and hope.

Their message is simple: Love Changes Everything.

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